FluoGuide develops surgical solutions that are expected to reduce suffering for the patient and increase the likelihood of cure as well as reducing costs for the health care system.

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Share information:

The company is listed on Spotlight Stock Market and is traded with the ticker name FLUO. The Company’s nominal share capital is DKK 722,427.40 divided into shares of DKK 0.10. The total number of shares are 7,224,274. Each individual share entitles one vote in the company and has equal rights to the company’s assets and profits.


All shares in the Company are entitled to dividends. The dividend is not an accumulated dividend. The right to a dividend applies to investors who are registered as shareholders in FluoGuide on the record day for the distribution of profit. Any distribution of profit well as to any surplus in the event of liquidation is intended to take place via VP Securities A/S. At the Annual General Meeting, each share has one vote and each voter can vote for their full number of shares without limitation. All shares provide shareholders with equal preferential rights with the issue of warrants and convertibles to the number of shares they own. All shares carry equal rights.


For transactions of all financial instruments, in the company, executed by management and/or Board members, visit Danish FSA’s insider register Danish FSA’s database for company announcements.