Maximizing surgical outcomes
Making cancer fluorescent

FluoGuide is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on developing drugs for maximizing surgical outcomes by making cancer fluorescent.

New exchange: Nasdaq First North

FluoGuide is moving from Spotlight to Nasdaq First North. Shareholders are strongly encouraged to make sure they will be able to freely trade their shares in the future.

New exchange: Nasdaq First North

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8 September, 2023 FluoGuide receives Danish award for the best share price performance since IPO News Corporate Action Other English IR
Copenhagen, Denmark, 8 September 2023 – FluoGuide A/S (“FluoGuide” or the...
Copenhagen, Denmark, 7 September 2023 – FluoGuide A/S (“FluoGuide” or the...

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30 August 2023

Interview with Redeye on Q2 report

An introduction to FluoGuide

FluoGuide develops drugs for maximizing surgical outcomes by making cancer fluorescent. Our lead product candidate makes solid cancers light up during surgery and has proven to be safe and well-tolerated in patients. Successful application of FluoGuide’s products will lower system-wide healthcare costs because it will reduce the recurrence of cancer and lessen general surgical complications. Thereby, patients will require fewer readmissions to hospitals. Ultimately, these improvements will improve patients’ chances of achieving a complete cure.

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Rapidly Progressing Pipeline

FluoGuide’s pipeline consists of product candidates that can potentially make most solid cancers fluorescent. We advance our pipeline at a rapid pace for the benefit of patients with cancer, society, and our shareholders. FluoGuide’s lead-product, FG001, is in phase IIa clinical development targeting patients undergoing surgical removal of high-grade glioma. FluoGuide is also developing FG001 in lung cancer and Head & Neck cancer. Pre-clinical development has been initiated for an additional drug, FG002. Both drug candidates utilize FluoGuide’s proprietary uPAR technology platform.

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“We are eager to bring our products to the market, thereby dramatically improving the outlook for a very large group of patients. We have already built a highly experienced management team supporting our mission. Our ultimate goal is to help cancer patients everywhere in the world.”

Morten Albrechtsen – CEO

Management team