18 Apr 2024


FluoGuide’s proprietary uPAR-targeted luminescent technology platform makes fluorescent molecules bind to the invasive forefront of solid cancers, creating a clear delineation of cancer cells during surgery.

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Photothermal treatment

In addition to providing visual guidance for surgeons during surgical removal of malignant cancer cells, FluoGuide’s technology platform may also be utilized for photothermal therapy. This treatment kills the malignant cells through heating them with the use of near-infrared light. FluoGuide’s FG001 has the potential to act as a near-infrared light absorbent to facilitate efficient and cancer cell targeted heat destruction.

Photothermal therapy, is a medical treatment that uses light to generate heat in specific parts of the body. It is a highly targeted technique that spares healthy surrounding tissue from damage, making it an attractive option for cancer therapy. During photothermal therapy, a photosensitizer is injected into the body, which absorbs light energy and converts it into heat. This generated heat is then used to destroy malignant cancer cells without harming normal tissue. FG001 has the potential to act as an effective photosensitizer in this process, facilitating the efficient and targeted destruction of cancer cells using near-infrared light.

With the increasing demand for cancer therapies that are both effective and minimally invasive, photothermal therapy has emerged as a promising option. The potential of FG001 to serve as a photosensitizer in this process could have a significant impact on the future of cancer treatment. In March 2023, FluoGuide was awarded a prestigious grant from Innovation Fund Denmark together with two academic partners, to support the research and development of the optimal molecule. Read about the grant here.