FluoGuide develops surgical solutions that are expected to reduce suffering for the patient and increase the likelihood of cure as well as reducing costs for the health care system.

Selected as best IPO in 2019

FluoGuide won the 2019 share price development award in the micro-cap category and also received the honorary quality award (Affärsvärlden’s IPO Guide).

Board of directors

Arne Ferstad - Chairman of the board of directors FluoGuide

Arne Ferstad

Chairman of the board of directors

Arne Ferstad is the CEO and Director of Ankor Consultants Ltd. Previously, he has been responsible for Baxter Healthcare’s operations in the Nordic and Benelux countries, President for EMEA Baxter Renal Division, Head of Business for Baxter Bioscience in Asia. He has also been General Manager and Vice President at the Pharmacia Corporation. Arne Ferstad has extensive experience within the field of biotech and drug development. Arne Ferstad holds a degree in Finance/Marketing from Markedforingskolen in Oslo and has also studied Management at INSEAD/Cedep in France. Arne Ferstad is an independent Board Member.

Shomit Ghose - Member of the board FluoGuide

Shomit Ghose

Member of the board

Shomit A. Ghose is a Managing Director and General Partner at ONSET Ventures, a Silicon Valley venture fund, where he has been active since 2001. He has served on multiple boards within ONSET’s portfolio, and previously also served as Chief Executive Officer of Truviso, where he also sat on the Board. He is a seasoned technology executive and a venture capitalist with technology operating experience. In addition to his time as an investor, he has 19 years of executive experience at high-tech companies in the Silicon Valley. Shomit Ghose specializes in the information technology sector with a focus on software, networking and infrastructure. He has been instrumental in several IPOs. Shomit Ghose holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of California Berkeley.

Micaela Sjökvist - Member of the board FluoGuide

Micaela Sjökvist

Member of the board

Micaela Sjökvist is Head of Investor Relations at Securitas AB, a public listed company active in the security sector. Sjökvist has over 20 years of experience within corporate communications, financial communications and investor relations in listed international companies. Previous experience includes operative roles at both the international PR consultancy company Grayling and Telia Sonera AB. Micaela Sjökivst holds a B.Sc in Economics and Business Administration from Uppsala University.

Peter Mørch Eriksen - Member of the board FluoGuide

Peter Mørch Eriksen

Member of the board

Peter Mørch Eriksen is the CEO in BioPorto A/S. Peter Mørch Eriksen has more than 20 years of experience within medtech/life science both in Denmark and abroad. Prior to joining BioPorto A/S, Peter Mørch Eriksen was the CEO of Sense A/S and before this, he held positions as Vice President of Medtronic in both the USA and Denmark. From these positions Peter Mørch Eriksen brings extensive experience in creating growth, restructuring and funding in technology intensive and complex companies. Peter Mørch Eriksen has an accounting background supplemented with courses in management. In addition to being CEO of BioPorto A/S, Peter Mørch Eriksen chairs the board of MTIC, is a board member at Nervex A/S, member of Lund University Advisory Board, and Director of PMEconsult ApS. He also serves on the Medical Device and Diagnostics Advisory Committee of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Ohio, US. Peter Mørch Eriksen is an independent Board Member.

Andreas Kjaer - Member of the board FluoGuide

Andreas Kjaer

Member of the board

Andreas Kjaer, is an MD, PhD, DMSc and professor at the University of Copenhagen and chief physician at Rigshospitalet, the National University Hospital of Denmark. His research is focused on molecular imaging with PET and PET/MRI in cancer and cardiovascular disease and his achievements include development of several new tracers that have reached first-in-humans clinical use. He is the holder of an ERC Advanced Grant, has published more than 400 peer-review articles and has received numerous prestigious scientific awards over the years. Andreas Kjaer also has an MBA from Copenhagen Business School.