14 Jun 2024

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FluoGuide develops surgical solutions that is expected to reduce suffering for the patient and increases the likelihood of cure as well as reducing costs for the health care system.

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FluoGuide receives Danish award for the best share price performance since IPO


September 8, 2023

Copenhagen, Denmark, 8 September 2023 – FluoGuide A/S (“FluoGuide” or the “Company”), a pioneer in the cutting-edge field of precision cancer surgery, is proud to have received an award from The Association of Listed Danish Growth Companies in the category of “Largest Stock Price Increase Since IPO”.

FluoGuide has made significant progress since its initial public offering (IPO) in 2019, generating positive phase II data on its lead product FG001, which is designed to improve surgical precision by illuminating cancer cells during surgery, across three indications – aggressive brain cancer, head & neck cancer, and lung cancer. This is enabling FluoGuide to take precision surgery to the next level, improving the outcome for cancer patients.

FluoGuide shares have increased more than ten times since the IPO. The Association of Listed Danish Growth Companies recognized this achievement at its Annual Meeting, held this week, and presented the award to FluoGuide CEO Morten Albrechtsen.

We are very pleased by the recognition of our achievements since the IPO and our continuous commitment to improving outcomes for cancer patients,” says Morten Albrechtsen, CEO of FluoGuide. “The data we have generated has put FluoGuide in a uniquely promising position to move FG001 rapidly towards market and making a significant different to cancer patients.”

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About FluoGuide
FluoGuide takes precision surgery to the next level improving the outcome for cancer patients. The Company’s lead product, FG001, is designed to improve surgical precision by illuminating cancer cells intraoperatively. This improved precision enabled by FluoGuide’s products is expected to have a dual benefit – it reduces both the frequency of local recurrence post-surgery and lessens surgical sequelae. Ultimately, this improved precision will improve a patient’s chance of achieving a complete cure and will lower system-wide healthcare costs. The Company has published key results on the efficacy of FG001 as well as showing it was well tolerated and safe from a proof-of-concept clinical study (phase I/IIa) in patients with aggressive brain cancer (high grade glioma) that undergo surgery. A phase IIb trial in aggressive brain cancer is ongoing to obtain valuable information to design the phase III trial. This IIb trial has completed patient enrollment and treatment, and data complication is ongoing. In addition, FluoGuide has demonstrated effect of FG001 in lung and head & neck cancer, topline and positive interim result, respectively. A trial in meningioma and glioma is commencing.

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