14 Jun 2024

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FluoGuide develops surgical solutions that is expected to reduce suffering for the patient and increases the likelihood of cure as well as reducing costs for the health care system.

New - New exchange: Nasdaq First North

FluoGuide is moving from Spotlight to Nasdaq First North. Shareholders are strongly encouraged to make sure they will be able to freely trade their shares in the future.

FluoGuide is shortlisted for EU grant (corrected version)


March 24, 2020

Corrected version where the MAR text is also inserted in the body of the text of the press release and not only in the enclosed PDF version


COPENHAGEN, Denmark, 24 March 2020 – The European Innovation Council (EIC) has shortlisted 100 companies including FluoGuide for EIC grant.

The European Commission has shortlisted over 100 game-changing ideas from across Europe with high chance of being granted EIC support. The EU’s research and innovation program (funded by Horizon 2020) has among other proposals selected FluoGuide. The information from EU is available here ( FluoGuide will updated information, including the amount, when the final result of the evaluation is completed which is anticipated during the next 4 months.

The current tough humanitarian and economic situation is not as of today expected to have any specific impact on our timelines in FluoGuide. We are, as everyone else, monitoring the situation carefully as this can change overnight as for any current business. We have already before the start of the current situation applied for relevant grants and will continue to do so.