14 Jun 2024

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FluoGuide develops surgical solutions that is expected to reduce suffering for the patient and increases the likelihood of cure as well as reducing costs for the health care system.

New - New exchange: Nasdaq First North

FluoGuide is moving from Spotlight to Nasdaq First North. Shareholders are strongly encouraged to make sure they will be able to freely trade their shares in the future.

Interim Report First Quarter 2019

Press release

May 31, 2019

FluoGuide A/S (“FluoGuide”) today announces its results for the period 01/Jan/2019 – 31/Mar/2019. The report is available on here.


Morten Albrechtsen, CEO of FluoGuide, comments:
“Not even a month has passed since FluoGuide’s very successful IPO and listing at Spotlight Stock Market and I am very pleased that we are now more than 1,000 shareholders working together to transform cancer surgery by lighting up the cancer for the benefit of patients and society in general. We have initiated the critical development activities needed for announcing the first clinical result for FG001 in second half of 2020 as planned.”

First quarter 2019 (January – March)

  • Net revenue was KDKK 0 (0)
  • Operating result was KDKK -442 (0)
  • Net result was KDKK -953 (0)
  • Cash at bank at end of the period was KDKK 4,717 (1)
  • Result per share* was DKK -0,20 (0,00)
  • Solidity** at end of the period was -10% (100)

* Result per share: Operating result divided by the average number of shares during the period. Total number of shares as of 31 March 2019, amounted to 4,000,000 (105,500). Average number of shares during Q1 2019 amounted to 4,733,333 (105,500). Please observe that the company has conducted a capital raise in April 2019 and that an additional 3,224,274 shares have been issued after the period.
** Solidity: Equity divided by total capital.
Amount within brackets corresponds to comparable period in the previous year.

Highlights during Q1
FluoGuide announces its ambition to be listed at Spotlight Stock Market and that the company is preparing an IPO during Q2 2019.
FluoGuide receives a preliminary approval to be listed at Spotlight Stock Market under the condition that the company reaches the minimum limit in the upcoming IPO and that the company receives a sufficient number of shareholders.

Highlights after Q1
FluoGuide conducts a successful IPO that initially provides the company approx. DKK 15.9 million and more than 1,000 new shareholders.
The trading in FluoGuide’s shares and warrants commences at Spotlight Stock Market.

For further information about FluoGuide, please contact:
Morten Albrechtsen, CEO, FluoGuide A/S Telephone: +45 24 25 62 66

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