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FluoGuide develops surgical solutions that is expected to reduce suffering for the patient and increases the likelihood of cure as well as reducing costs for the health care system.

New - New exchange: Nasdaq First North

FluoGuide is moving from Spotlight to Nasdaq First North. Shareholders are strongly encouraged to make sure they will be able to freely trade their shares in the future.

FluoGuide plans to change listing venue from Spotlight to Nasdaq First North Sweden and publishes Company Description

Press release

February 3, 2021

Copenhagen, Denmark, 3 February 2021 – FluoGuide A/S (“FluoGuide” or the “Company”) today announced that the Company has applied for admission to trade on Nasdaq First North Growth Market Sweden. Nasdaq has in its assessment of FluoGuide concluded that the Company fulfils the listing requirements. The preliminary first day of trading on Nasdaq First North Sweden is expected to be 24 February 2021.

FluoGuide has advanced rapidly since its IPO. The change of listing venue is a natural consequence of this. It will also provide optimal conditions to continue this positive development of the company, and its ability to help many patients around the globe.

How will the transfer of shares take place and what to do?
FluoGuide is currently listed on the Spotlight Stock Market, Danish branch (‘Spotlight’), the last day for trading on Spotlight will be announced in a separate company announcement. As a part of the change of listing venue from Spotlight to Nasdaq First North Growth Market Sweden the denomination currency of the shares will change from DKK to SEK.

To be able to trade on Nasdaq First North Growth Market the shares needs to be registered in Euroclear Sweden. All shareholders will receive a message (e-boks or regular mail) from the Company via VP Securities instructing the shareholders on what they need to do to facilitate a quick and smooth registration. All information is available on the FluoGuide website (

In brief, all shareholders (except for shareholders who hold their shares in a deposit with Nordea Denmark, or Nordnet) will need to actively confirm the registration of their shares in Euroclear Sweden in order to ensure that their shares can be traded in the public market after the change of listing to Nasdaq First North Growth Market. The relevant acceptance form is available on the company’s website ( The acceptance form must be submitted to the individual shareholder’s deposit bank before 18 February 2021.

Shareholders who hold their FluoGuide shares in a deposit with Nordea Denmark, or Nordnet will not need to do anything for their shares to be registered in Euroclear Sweden. Only if the shareholder wishes to keep the shares registered with VP Securities, the shareholder should contact his/her deposit bank.

Please, note that after the last day of trading on Spotlight, FluoGuide shares – if they only are registered with VP Securities – can no longer be publicly traded, neither on Spotlight, nor on Nasdaq First North Growth Market.

“FluoGuide has developed very fast since its IPO in May ’19. We have now demonstrated that FG001 is well tolerated and illuminates aggressive brain cancer. The next phase of our ambitious plan is to prepare FG001 for broad clinical use to benefit patients around the world,” says Morten Albrechtsen, CEO of FluoGuide, and continues, “We increasingly interact with patients, doctors, partners and investors outside of Scandinavia. The move to Nasdaq First North is a natural step in supporting our plan of a global focus. In short, we aim at helping patients undergoing cancer surgery anywhere in the world by building a strong international company with deep roots in and for the benefit of the Scandinavian community.” 

The Company Description is attached as a pdf to this press release and can also be found on the Company’s website here.

Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance AB has been engaged as Certified Adviser for Fluoguide A/S on Nasdaq First North Sweden

Online presentation and Q&A session
In connection with the change of listing venue, the company will host a online presentation and Q&A session on Thursday, 11 February, at 5 pm CET.  Sign up and access the presentation here:

For further information, please contact:
Henrik Moltke, CFO
+45 22 44 54 04
Morten Albrechtsen, CEO
+45 24 25 62 66

About FluoGuide
FluoGuide’s primary focus is to maximize surgical outcomes in oncology. The Company’s first product, FG001, is designed to improve. The improved precision enabled by FluoGuide’s products has a dual benefit – it reduces both the frequency of local recurrence post-surgery and lessens surgical sequelae. Ultimately, the improved precision will improve a patient’s chance of achieving a complete cure and will lower system-wide healthcare costs. The Company is conducting a proof-of-concept clinical study (phase I/II) to demonstrate the effect of FG001 in patients with high grade glioma.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 954904.